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Looking for a fashion museum to visit on your next travels? This is a by no means exhaustive listing of fashion museums and their websites by country in alphabetical order. If you would like to learn about a exhibition or opening times please visit the website of the museum.

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Fashion & Textile Museums

For a more exhaustive list of museums, including exhibits please see the Fashion & Textile Museums website. The website was created by Chloe Chapin, an assistant professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Working in co-operation with others she did an amazing job with this website. It is a fantastic addition to the fashion world. Chloe Chapin is a fashion historian, costume designer since 1991, and accomplished painter. She has a website with fashion work and a website with painting work.

Google Arts & Culture

The Google Arts & Culture app (available for Android and Apple) and website from the Google Cultural Institute are an app and website with museums and exhibits around the world. When you use the search option with the word ‘fashion’ for example it will bring up fashion museums as well as exhibits. It is a beta project, and searches can contain some exhibits not directly about fashion, however the app or website can be quite handy to use.

Fashion Museums, Collections, Exhibitions, and the Digital Revolution?

It could be a welcome addition to have a non-profit organization, (digital) publication, and/ or (digital) platform besides newspapers and magazines working with museums and galleries around the world. A centralized organization that publishes information about fashion museums and exhibits. This could allow for knowledge about pieces, collections, and exhibits to be disseminated. Since some fashion is too fragile to be exhibited too often this could be a way to make fashion, both historic and modern, more accessible to a broader public and for students and professionals active in the fashion sector. As well as preserve fashion (as an art form) for future generations. The Fashion & Textile Museums and Google Arts & Culture initatives are steps in that direction. It’s interesting to see how this will develop in the future, for example with new technologies such as 3d scanning and printing of objects. Will you be able to print a dress that you bought?

Fun Fact: Is It Museums or Musea?

Is it ‘tomayto’ or ‘tomahto’? What is the plural of museum, a Latin word with Ancient Greek origins? Both words, musea and museums, are correct in English, and can be used in some languages such as English. Musea is the Latin plural version. For more information about the history of the museum you can read this Encyclopedia Britannica article and this Wikipedia article.